ImageCast® Precinct (ICP)

ImageCast® Precinct (ICP)

The Greatest Number Of Deployed Optical Scan Systems In The World

Dominion’s ImageCast® Precinct is a leader in simplicity and security, while providing the support that you expect when you need it most. "A tried and true system".

ImageCast® Precinct ADA

Can Be Used Concurrently With The Optical Scan Reader

  • Combined ballot scanning and accessible voting all in one machine
  • Superior Accessibility to all voters, with Audio Tactile Interface (ATI) and off-the-shelf headphones
  • Provides voters with varying abilities: the opportunity to navigate, complete, and cast a private ballot using audio, and tactile interfaces


Simple & Powerful

  • Simple to setup; with one off/on switch and one security key
  • Lightweight, durable and highly reliable
  • Completely verifiable voting capabilities
  • Easy to program, easy to test


Unrivaled Security To Provide You With Peace Of Mind

  • Integrated ballot security features
  • Tabulation and central databases encryption is future-proof and compliant with the VVSG next iteration
  • Provides extensive internal security monitoring to ensure data integrity and maintain public confidence
  • AuditCast™ ballot image auditing capability retains a secure digital image of every ballot cast in your election


Specifically Designed To Help Your Election Run Successfully

  • Software and hardware provides everything from voter lists and tabulation technologies to election management tools and reporting systems
  • Eliminates ambiguous vote markings
  • AuditCast™ ensures a 100% accurate count, every time
  • Accessible to all voters, with Audio Tactile Interface (ATI) and off-the-shelf headphones




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