ImageCast® Precinct (ICP)
The Greatest Number of Deployed Optical Scan Systems in the World 

Dominion’s ImageCast® Precinct is a leader in simplicity and security, while providing the support that you expect when you need it most. "A tried and true system"

ImageCast® Precinct ADA
Can be used concurrently with the optical scan reader 

Combined ballot scanning and accessible voting all in one machine
Superior Accessibility to all voters, with Audio Tactile Interface (ATI) and off-the-shelf headphones
Provides voters with varying abilities: the opportunity to navigate, complete, and cast a private ballot using audio, and tactile interfaces

Simple & Powerful

Simple to setup; with one off/on switch and one security key
Lightweight, durable and highly reliable
Completely verifiable voting capabilities
Easy to program, easy to test

Unrivaled security to provide you with peace of mind

Integrated ballot security features
Tabulation and central databases encryption is future-proof and compliant with the VVSG next iteration
Provides extensive internal security monitoring to ensure data integrity and maintain public confidence
AuditCast™ ballot image auditing capability retains a secure digital image of every ballot cast in your election


Specifically designed to help your election run successfully

Software and hardware provides everything from voter lists and tabulation technologies to election management tools and reporting systems
Eliminates ambiguous vote markings
AuditCast™ ensures a 100% accurate count, every time
Accessible to all voters, with Audio Tactile Interface (ATI) and off-the-shelf headphones




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