Election Services

Election Services

ElectionSource has many years of experience consulting, supplying, and supporting Union, Co-op, Fraternal, & Tribal Elections. We bring the experience and equipment to provide you with the most fair and accurate elections possible. ElectionSource can work with you to ensure success in every aspect of your organization's election, from planning the vote, to defining your ballot, through to the delivery of your same-night results. You tell us how much help you want and we will do the rest.

It's All About Your Organization

You know your organization the best. Give us a call or email so we can talk about what you feel is most important about your union election. We will work directly with your election manager to develop a plan that best fits your unique situation. Use our experience, equipment, and support to ensure a successful election.

Our Services

Election Planning

Use our expertise to layout and organize an effective voting schedule and environment.

Election Equipment

We use equipment that has been federally certified by E.C.O to insure ease of use and accurate results.

Optical Scanning and Paper Ballots

Layout and printing of the ballots, along with coding and testing of the tabulator is a detail we take off your busy plate.

Online Kiosk & Phone

With these solutions, ElectionSource is able to support every voting situation including: polling station, vote anywhere, same day registration, absentee, all-mail, and overseas, as well as providing Universal Access for all voters. Our on-line computer voting is protected by military grade encryption to ensure voter integrity.

Equipment Delivery, Setup and Training

We will arrive early and stay late to make sure everything is in place, ready for the first voter.

Election Support (Day/Night

We are right there with you to keep the vote moving smoothly, to answer questions, tally the votes, and present the results of your union election.

Third Party Oversight

By hiring ElectionSource to run your union election, you offer an independent, and unbiased oversight that is vital for your voter's confidence.

Vote by Mail Elections

ElectionSource also offers a vote-by-mail union election. We do everything from printing and mailing out the ballots, to the final tabulation of results.

Professional Voting

Use our experience and expertise to ensure a successful election.

  • Consulting on voting methods & procedures
  • Union election marketing
  • Configure ballots
  • Configure ballotsEquipment delivery, setup, training
  • On-site election support

Secure Voting

ElectionSource utilizes a proven voting system to ensure the integrity of your election.

  • Private polling booths
  • Lock box ballot containers
  • Real-time error checking
  • Proprietary digital memory
  • Tabulator results printing

Accurate Voting

ElectionSource ensures an accurate vote with results the same day.

  • One person - One ballot control
  • Instant error checking & correction
  • Automated result tabulation
  • Instant runoff election
  • Paper ballot audit trail
  • Military-grade encryption for online voting solutions

The Key To Our Election Services

Other than the people involved, it comes down to the equipment. We use the Dominion ICP® system which is a proven voting system used across the world processing millions of ballots every year. During the voting process, the voter feeds his or her ballot into the Dominion ICP® where it is counted and automatically stored in the locked ballot box. Incorrectly marked ballots can be returned to the voter for review and correction. Write-In votes are separated by the tabulator and put into the locked ballot box. Union Election results are stored in the machine's proprietary memory pack. When the union election is over, the results are easily printed right from the tabulator's printer.

Union Election Services

  • Preparation is critical to a successful election. We will work directly with your representative to layout the ballot, plan the sequence for voting, and discuss the final count and presentation of results.
  • Providing a comfortable environment for your voters is crucial. Using proper signage, private polling booths, and trained election workers to handle questions will give your voters confidence in the system.
  • Accuracy is paramount. During national elections, our government holds us to an error-proof standard. We will bring this same level of accuracy to your election.




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