Annual Preventive Maintenance

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Let ElectionSource play a vital role in promoting and maintaining the integrity of the democratic process. With frequent changes in election technology, and the complexity of election equipment, it is imperative to properly maintain your election equipment to ensure accuracy and voter confidence. Your election equipment was a serious investment. Let us help protect your equipment with an Annual Maintenance Agreement. Call us to get a tailored plan and quote for your jurisdiction today!

Preliminary Testing Of Tabulators

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans can provide some of the following…

  • Read Head Alignment and Calibration
  • Battery Replacement
  • Path Sensor Clear Check
  • Belt Inspection and Replacement
  • Repairs, Replacements & Loaner
  • Touch Screen Calibration
  • Diagnostics
  • Accuracy Testing
  • Tension Pulley Adjustment
  • Routine Cleaning




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