ImageCast® Evolution (ICE)
The World's First and Best All-In-One Paper Based Voting Terminal 

The innovative ImageCast® Evolution provides both accessible ballot scanning and accessible ballot marking solutions in one exceptional integrated device.

Developed against VVSG 2007 NI (next iteration) 
State of the art innovation and integration

Simple & Powerful

A single voting terminal that provides all that voters need to cast their vote
Two machines in one, offers both optical ballot scanning and ballot marking solutions
Provides ballot review, second chance voting and accessible voting all at one terminal
Accessible integrity precinct-level tabulation solution
Prints ambiguous indistinguishable vote marks on ballot in ADA mode

State of the art security for added peace of mind

Integrated hardware and software ballot security features
Access port security indicators
Security access door intrusion switches and interface port security status indicators
Integrated privacy shield and screen cover AuditCast™ ballot image auditing capability


Specifically designed to help your election run successfully

Highly configurable and customizable interface and behavior settings
Multi-lingual audio-visual support for each voter
Dual redundant compact flash memory cards
Optional tabulator status signal poll
Three-inch thermal printer
Adjustable screen angles
Accessible to all voters, with Audio Tactile Interface (ATI) and off-the-shelf headphones




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