November 6, 2020

For immediate release…

ElectionSource and its County partners settle for nothing less than accurate election results. In recent news it has been reported that there was a “Glitch” in Antrim County's election software. That is not the case, the Election Management Software performed exactly and accurately. 

“The Clerk’s Office has traced the cause of the original errors on the posted unofficial election results. Late in the election preparation process, a minor correction was made to a ballot that caused additional compounding changes to how the software totals and presented the data. The skewed unofficial results were a result of procedural misunderstanding that the Clerk’s Office had never before experienced. At no point did these skewed, unofficial results have any bearing on the Official numbers currently being reviewed by the Board of Canvassers. Both the Antrim County Clerk and ElectionSource have taken steps to adjust policies and procedures to ensure that a similar situation does not happen in the future. “We continue to work hard to ensure the integrity of the election results, and we will learn and grow from this experience.” said Sheryl Guy, Antrim County Clerk

ElectionSource is working with the County Clerk of Antrim to set some new policy and procedures in place to ensure this does not happen in the future.