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AccuVote® Precinct Kit

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Contains: Six hundred applications to vote. Fifty affidavits of voter with no picture or ID. One application to vote binder. One of each: #1, #2, #3, absent voter, spoiled/defective, and original ballot envelopes. Ten transfer within jurisdiction certificates. Ten authorization to cancel certificates. Three vinyl certificate holders. One receipt for ballots. One optical scan poll book, with statement of votes. One of each certificate: ballot bag, ballot container, and transfer container. One checklist of final operations. Five of each: provisional ballot instructions, and provisional ballot security envelopes. One provisional ballot storage envelope. Two flat metal seals, with ball on end. Five lead wire seals. Seven State of Michigan, peel and stick seals. One AccuVote® ender card. All products come neatly packed in a precinct box and are assembled here in Michigan! PK-4004

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