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Straight-ticket voting, allows voters to choose a party’s entire slate with just one mark.Read More
  Broken equipment, running out of supplies and long lines at the polls are all big worries on Election Day. What is

ElectionSource can provide your union, tribal, professional organization or municipality with all the necessary equipment and training to run a secure election with immediate election night results using our optical scan election equipment.

We offer:

  • Election Equipment Rentals or Sales
  • Training
  • Election Day/Night Support
  • Ballots (union printed)
  • Voting booths and supplies

Optech Equipment:

  • Equipment provides instant election night results
  • Voter friendly & easy to use

We use the Dominion ICP® system which is a proven voting system that has been used across the world processing millions of ballots every year. With an optical scan system you get the security of an actual paper ballot audit trail combined with the scanners ability to count your ballots.

Voters are given a preprinted 1, 2, or 3–column ballot which they mark with a marking pen. Voters record their selections by completing the oval opposite the candidate of their choice.

After voting the voter feeds his or her ballot into the tabulator, where it is tabulated and automatically stored in the locked ballot box. Incorrectly marked ballots can be returned to the voter for review and correction. Write-In votes are separated by the tabulator and put into the locked ballot box.

Election results are stored on the memory of the tabulator. When the election is over and the polls are closed you simply print out the results on the tabulators printer.

For a quote or more information please email us or call our office at 616-464-2283 or 888-742-8037.